super mario free download

super mario free download
Super Mario 3 is a remake of the classic Super Mario game.
Super Mario 3: Mario Forever remains faithful to the original Mario format and retains much of the gameplay although the controls aren't quite as fluid as the original which may take some getting used to. As you'd expect, there are lots of secret worlds to explore and the game difficulty increases significantly as you progress through the levels.
The range of enemies, scenarios and challenges is comparable with Super Mario and includes a final show-down with Bowser at the end of a world. There are a total of 50 worlds to play in including several bonus worlds (such as The lost Map, Hardcore World etc.) and even a secret level.
The all round accuracy and similarities with Super Mario make it clear Super Mario 3: Mario Forever was made by a true fan of the game. The main problem with Super Mario 3: Mario Forever however is that you can only save games when you complete a world - which can be really frustrating if you keep getting stuck at the same old bit - and some of the in-game features aren't as polished as the
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