Download Torrent Files with Internet Download Manager IDM

Today I am going to discuss some of ways through which you can download the Torrent file using Internet Download Manager (IDM). As comparing with IDM, torrent lacks the downloading speed and there are some work places which Torrent is blocked. So, it will be better to download the torrent file using IDM. Let's find out some of the ways on "How to Download Torrent files with IDM".

How to download Torrent Files using IDM


This is one of the most popular tool which people are using today. Zbigz offers both premium as well as free service. You can overcome from all kind of restriction by subscribing for premium account at $10 per month. is the premium tool which can only be used when you paid the $0.99 price for usage. They provide maximum upto 10TB of bandwidth to their users and it is quite easy to download files from using IDM. 


Boxopus is another tool which is used to download torrent files using IDM. This site let you to download torrent file directly to your drop box, else you can download it to your system or PC.

TorrentHandler is the best alternative of Users give a good review to TorrentHandler. It can easily be used to download he torrent files using IDM, as there is not bandwidth and size limit.

Hope you will be able to use these tools and download the files with unlimited speed with any problem.
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Write by: RC - Saturday, September 7, 2013

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