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Wrist watches, sensible or otherwise, area unit merely not for everybody -- there area unit additional smartphone users within the world, repeatedly over, than there'll ever be smartwatch house owners. Despite the restricted marketplace for such a tool, however, Samsung's determined it is time to affix in on the fun. The Galaxy Gear, as we've best-known it to be concerned a couple of weeks currently, was hardly guarded with A level of secrecy that is become commonplace for a flagship smartphone, however because the device is finally official -- and expected to launch in additional than a hundred countries at intervals weeks -- simply however will it perform? notice our take once the break.

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The centerpiece of the Galaxy Gear, as you'll have scan by currently, could be a 320 x 320-pixel, 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen. there is a speaker and a try of mics for recording and enjoying back video content and human action with a caller via the intrinsic  dialer, that works with the native phone app in your connected Galaxy device. The Gear includes associate 800MHz processor, a 315mAh battery, and -- in a very somewhat shocking twist -- a BSI device and optical device lens mounted within the carpus strap that is tasked with capturing one.9-megapixel stills and 10-second video clips at 720p, 640 x 640 or VGA resolution with sound. That camera, designed for on-the-go captures wherever convenience, not image quality, could be a priority, is paired with a pre-installed app referred to as Memographer. That application, and dozens of others that may be obtainable at launch, area unit key to boosting the Gear's charm, and setting it except the competition.
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