How to make your pen drive bootable

In this post we are going to see how we can make pen drive bootable using simple software. Many of my visitors are facing problem with Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system that they don't know what to do with the downloaded ISO file. Don’t worry here is the solution for you. In the coming few steps you are going to learn how you can make your pen drive bootable. It will also help to get rid from DVDs  as now you don’t need them.
How you can make your pen drive bootable
1.    First download this simple software for making your pen drive bootable.

2.    After downloading this Universal USB Installer, run it.

3.    Now choose the operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8 etc…

4.    Now Browse the ISO file which you had already downloaded. If not here are few options for you.

5.    After that choose the USB flash drive i.e. which drive name is assigned to your pen drive by the system.
6.    And then click on create button and your pen drive start becoming bootable. At the end click on finish and you will get bootable pen drive which you can use to install a new operating system in your PC or computer or workplace wherever you want.
I hope that now you will be able to make your pen drive bootable. If you still face any issue with this, feel free to leave your valuable comments. We try our best to reply to your comment as early as possible.
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Write by: RC - Sunday, October 20, 2013

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