Free Download Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint to PDF Converter

Adobe has always been known for their effective and efficient product. One among them is Adobe Acrobat Pro which allows the user to convert their Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint document into PDF file.

When using Adobe Acrobat version 11 or more, you will find that there is side bar always stating to convert your file from PDF to word. In the very similar way they have launched the Adobe Aerialist 11 Pro which can be used to convert your Office suite documents into PDF. It can be used as a full version or you can try it for 30 days without paying a single penny.

Convert your MS Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint Documents to PDF at free of cost

Many users don’t know that Microsoft itself provided an option for their users to convert the office document into pdf at free of cost. There procedure of pretty much simple and easy to remember.

Without taking much of your time, let’s see how we do it. All you need is to write whatever you want to write over a Word/Excel/PowerPoint document.

Now comes the main part. When you are going to save the document, it will ask you to assign your document a name, select desired location and most important Save as Type.

Yes, in the Save as Type dropdown you will find an option of PDF. Just select it and save your document. Now guess what..! Your document is now converted to pdf file and you do not need any software anymore.

I hope you wouldn’t find much difficult in understanding the process. But still the software will do some of your work easy and always remember if company is providing software for such service which can be achieved at free of cost then you will definitely find some premium offers in it.

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